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About Us
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My Learning Tour Essay as www.mylearningtour.com is an Education skill content based informative English website. In this website you can find Essay, Education, Facts, free download question papers, Essay, college essay, variety of test series, work sheets, General knowledge (GK) etc. that are more useful and skillful Content.

         My aim is to create a list on every possible topic. So that you could find amazing resources or information and understand quickly and easily. If you want to test your skill, visit the test page and join the test as per terms and condition.

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Hello Friends, Welcome to my blog "My Learning Tour“. I myself Shri Seemanchal Behera an elementary School Teacher I like my profession the best and developed educational resources as a  Professional Blogger. As I developed my professional resources to reach and spread to online stuff lovers, that is why I have chosen Blogging as the online digital classroom. You will love exploring Resources on my blog. Learn yourself as an online reader, hope my stuff resources would be great for you. If you liked my resources then please share this with your near and dear that they could also find the best.

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