How to earn money and show your talent in Youtube? Be the best multiner in self.

How to earn money and show your talent in Youtube? Be the best multiner in self.


How to earn money and show your talent in Youtube? Be the best multiner in self.

          You must have heard or learned about many people that they are making good money from YouTube.  Yes, YouTube is not only the best means of online earning, but it has also provided a platform for people to showcase their talent.  You too can easily earn good money from it.  Many people are earning a lot as well as earning it.

How to earn money and show your talent in Youtube? Be the best multiner in self.

 Start the channel on YouTube first - the first step to earn from YouTube is to open a YouTube channel.  For this, you have to log in to YouTube with your Gmail ID.  You have an account on the right side of the search bar.  You can give it the desired name by clicking on the 'My Channel' option there. 

How to earn money and show your talent in Youtube? Be the best multiner in self.

> While giving the name, keep in mind that the name is a bit unique and there is no other channel with that name already.

 1. Take care of Idea-


    Millions of videos are being uploaded on YouTube every day, so you need to be unique to increase the views of your videos.  You can increase the views of your videos with your unique idea and user friendly content.  Also, keep in mind that the quality of the video must also be good.  Actually people like to watch bad videos less.

 2. Upload Video -

 After starting the channel, the most important thing is to upload the video.  If you intend to earn from YouTube channel, then keep uploading one or two videos in a week.  By adding more videos, the total views of your channel will continue to increase.  Also, keep in mind copy rights, media laws etc. while uploading videos.

 3. Write your video about in description

 Whenever you do an upload on a channel, do write a video description.  Also, do tagging.  Put such keywords in the tagging section, which you think will bring your video in search.  Because this is an important way to increase views.  Add as many tags as possible during upload and use keywords related to that topic.

 4. Social Media

 Whenever you create a YouTube channel, make a page on social media like Facebook, Twitter etc.  Also keep trying to increase the likes of this Facebook page.  The likes of your Facebook page will help increase your views.  Keep posting a link to your YouTube video on social media.  You make your question related videos and give your answers in Kaura and paste the link there, so that people will start watching your video.

 5. The design of the channel should be interactive

 Your YouTube channel page is like a glass and shows your creativity.  There are also many layout and design templates on YouTube, so with their support create user friendly channels.

6. Kamai will start like this

 You will not earn money just by uploading videos on YouTube.  Your earning will start only when you apply for YouTube's 'Monetization' program.  To apply, go to the 'Channels' section on the left.  You will see this option there.

 7. This is the condition of work

 YouTube of the monetization program has changed the rules.  Now you cannot apply for this until at least 1000(1k) subscribe and four thousand (4000) hours of watch time views are available on your channel.  After having these two conditions , click on 'Monetization' option. After reviewing your channel and your video content your channel will select the partnership program of YouTube. You must enter your email ID after clicking.  After this you will get approval within about two days.

 8. Monetize every video

 After approval of monetization, you have to enable monetization in every video.  For this, you can go to the Monetization tab by choosing the Edit Video option.  Enable it there.  Remember, it will be enabled, only then will your video come out.

 9. Monetization can be canceled -

 Before giving you approval for monetization, YouTube checks whether you have violated its terms and conditions.  So it is important not to put any copyrighted video on your YouTube channel.  If YouTube catches some such video on your channel, which is copyrighted by someone else.  In such a situation it will be difficult to get approval.

10. Save bank details here

 After getting approval go to Google Adsense website.  Here you can update your bank details, address and other information by logging in with your email id.

 11. The first payment will be like this

 YouTube will send you the first payment only when you earn at least $ 100 through your videos.  As soon as you get 100 dollars in your account, Google will send you 100 dollars in Indian currency, which will be around 7500 rupees.  However, before this, Google sends a PIN to your address.  Only after verifying this, Google releases payment.

 12. Remember this thing-

 There is a video platform on YouTube, where you can earn by showcasing your talent.  But keep in mind that it takes time to earn through this.  If you want to earn in lakhs of rupees, you can join brands.  However, your views are required to be in crores for this.

13. Get Google reward play button box

How to earn money and show your talent in Youtube? Be the best multiner in self.

    Besides earning money from YouTube by your channel you also get different Google Play button box rewards as your subscription getting the maximum number of terms and conditions. YouTube sends such play buttons like Silver Play button on one lakhs ( 100K) of subscribers who Subscribe your channel. You can get the Golden play button by Google from YouTube on reaching ten million subscribers of your channel. You can got the Diamond Play button on the basis of growth and subscriber of your channel.

How to earn money and show your talent in Youtube? Be the best multiner in self.

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