how to save your android phone ? These 3 tricks are very important for the safety of Android phone

how to save your android phone ? These 3 tricks are very important for the safety of Android phone

how to save your android phone ? These 3 tricks are very important for the safety of Android phone

      There are often debates about security in mobile.  Sometimes the phone maker is accused of data theft and sometimes the applications running in the phone.  However, whenever there is an allegation, the mobile manufacturer and the app developers brush off a statement and it seems as if nothing has happened.  At the same time, users also do not say anything on this, because they do not know what has happened.  But let me tell you that data theft does not just mean sharing the mobile number, but in it your location, your messages, your photographs, your videos, microphone and all the data available in the phone are taken without your knowledge.

     You may wonder how much harm can be done to you.  This is the reason why often we keep telling you tricks related to mobile security.  In this episode, today I am going to tell another trick which is important for every Android user to know.  Under this, I have told 3 tricks.

 Tricks 1: Know Thief Apps

       There is often debate about data theft in Android phones.  But sometimes there is ignorance behind this data theft.  We unknowingly give permission to data theft of apps and they keep an eye on you by sitting in the background peacefully.  In this case, the first thing to know about thief apps and its method is this.  First of all you


>  Step 1: Open Gmail in your phone.

> Step 2: Go to the menu from here.  To go to the menu, click on the three lines on the left.

> Step 3: Once the menu is open, you have to go to the settings.  Its option will be found in the below.

> Step 4: From the settings you have to click on your account ID.  With this, many options will come but you have to first click on Manage Your Google Account.  With this, a new window will open up.

> Step 5: Here you will see many tabs at the top, you have to swipe from right to left and go to security.

> Step 6: It has to scroll downwards where many options will come.  After two to three scrolls you will see the third party application with account access.  Here will come all the apps that are taking your personal data.

> Step 7: You can see the complete list by clicking on Manage Third Party Access below.  Whichever is suspicious, press and hold the finger for a few seconds.  Removal option will come in front so that you can remove it.  In this way, remove all the thief apps one by one from here.

 By uninstalling an app, you understand that it will not take your data.  But many times that app will be found here.  Even if you have removed it from the phone.  So it is very important to know this feature.

Tricks 2 : Two step verification

   It has  known that most of the users haven't verified their account through mobile number and recovery mail id. So if you used your mail service in your android phone then make sure you have verified your mail by two step verification by phone number with device you used and recovery mail id.

> Steps : Follow The above process.

Tricks 3 : Set your security question

    An android mobile user should set his or her security question in personals and social section in the mail. By done this, no one can access your account because of security questions. 

> Steps : Follow the above method.

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