how Google and Apple will break the corona transition chain ? This is the way to lead…..

how Google and Apple will break the corona transition chain ? This is the way to lead…..

how Google and Apple will break the corona transition chain ? This is the way to lead…..

        For the past few months, different efforts have been made by different countries at their own level to break the corona infection chain.  Many countries have used lockdown as an effective weapon, while many have also used modern technology for it.  In these efforts to break the chain of transition, such modern techniques also include the tracking of millions of people by the governments of different countries through some mobile apps.  The World Bank's South Economic Focus report states that digital technologies can be used to monitor the spread of corona and that these technologies can be helpful in educating the population at large and tracing infections.

    While 'Arogya Setu App' is being used to control the corona in India, many other countries of the world are also trying to curb the corona by using different techniques.  New visitors are constantly being monitored in public places in Singapore and Taiwan through mobile apps and QR scan codes, while health code systems are being used in many cities in China, including the risk of corona infection through color codes  Levels are detected.

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 To break the chain of transition from Corona to war, the world's famous tech companies like Google and Apple have also jumped into the fray.  The two companies have created a software for smartphones that will help in contact tracing and also inform users whether they have come in contact with Kovid-19 infected persons.  A special platform 'Exposure Notification API Contact Tracing' has also been launched by Apple and Google together, which will make it easier to detect corona infections.  This platform will send a warning to those coming in contact with such people.  22 countries and several US states have sought permission to use the platform.  Only the government of any country can connect its app with this platform and it can only be used by the government and its health department.

 Apple and Google say that it is their priority to protect privacy and government from using people's data.  Actually, this system will work only through Bluetooth signal and to prevent users' privacy from breaching, there will be a complete ban on the use of GPS location and its data.  Although it is only a platform, no app and health agencies around the world can connect it with their own app.  According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, this technique will be helpful for health officials to identify corona infections.  However, Abhishek Singh, Chief Executive Officer of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology of India, says that India's Arogya Setu app is much more prosperous than this.

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     With the help of maps, Google is also creating such a system, so that users will be able to know on which road or building there is so much crowd so that people can decide to go there.  Governments can use this to know whether social distancing is being followed properly.  Already tracking the activities of crores of users worldwide, with the help of Google, Facebook and some such well known companies, the World Health Organization (WHO) is also creating an app called 'My Health'. 

how Google and Apple will break the corona transition chain ? This is the way to lead…..
With the help of this app, WHO will be able to tell where diseases have spread and where they are going to spread.  However, modern technologies are being used to break the chain of corona infection which has killed millions of people worldwide, but in many places, serious questions are being raised about the security of data and privacy through the app used for it.  In such a situation, necessary steps should be taken by all governments to protect data and privacy using various apps to attack the corona with the help of technology.

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