essay for pollution and remediation

essay for pollution and remediation 

Essay for Pollution and Remediation (Environmental Protection) 

essay for pollution and remediation


          The Earth is the only planet that has a living environment.  The current definition of the environment is very broad.  Preparation of Panchamrit with five ingredients, milk, milk, butter, honey and sugar;  The creation of such an environment in the combination of soil, water, wind, plants and fauna;  But for some as a baby gets older, he or she will outgrow this.  For a child, her mother's arms, for students, is a small environment for students.  Small to large environments, from villages to the world, can be imagined.  In the name of progress over time, man has resorted to the unraveling of his mysteries, by using his intellect, the latest advances in science, and the use of technology to gain the right resources.  As a result, the environment is polluted and poses a serious threat to human society.  

Various Causes and Consequences of Pollution: 

          The biggest, unimaginable, and terrifying problem of modern civilization is environmental pollution.  There are many reasons for this humanized problem.  Soil, water, and wind and noise pollution cause environmental pollution.  Analytically speaking, population growth, deforestation, irrigation, the introduction of emergency vehicles, waste disposal, the widespread use of chemicals, the deepening of deep tube wells, the creation of concrete forests, and the expansion of nuclear environments are among the main environments.  India is currently the second largest country in the world in terms of population.  As the population grows, so do the number of pets, and the pressure on natural resources to feed, shelter, graze, and burn.  Forests are the result of environmental pollution, which is the result of environmental pollution.  Key elements of civilization development;  But indiscriminate deforestation or deforestation continues to be a major cause of environmental pollution and degradation.  Each year, between 13 and 1.5 million hectares of forest are destroyed in our country, and 2 million hectares of arable land and pastures are turned into degraded lands.  With the rapid degradation of forest resources, climate change, drought, floods, storms, and oxygen are causing a variety of problems.

         The soil is our mother.  In its lap, animals, animals, plants and humans are all living in harmony.  The mouth provides all the basic necessities of life for food and drink.  Yet the invisibility of man is making the soil, which is closely related to the environment, bitter, desolate, and endless.  The soil is polluted by the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.  The use of fertilizer for two to three consecutive years increases soil fertility and reduces fertility.  The adoption of mechanical farming methods accelerates the development of uterine degeneration.  Deforestation is also a cause of soil erosion.  One cm  It takes 500 to 600 years to build the upper soil.  However, in India, more than 6,000 million tonnes of soil is washed away due to erosion.  Life is pure water.  It is the greatest contribution from God to man.  Surface water resources are rapidly declining or declining.  Sixty percent of the world's surface resources are polluted, according to a survey.  The water of the fallen Ganges is polluted today.  Water is usually contaminated in three ways.  For example, in the physical, chemical and biological processes.  Vehicles like chlorine, ammonium, sulfate, etc. Contaminated water mixed with various types of factory emissions pollutes the water of the river.  People get sick by eating poisonous flies in the river.  Fruits, vegetables, etc. are poisonous and tasteless.  Severe shortage of drinking water.  " Water Water everywhere

             but not a drop to drink. "

      Everywhere you look today, the tide of protectionist sentiment is flowing.  About 70 percent of child deaths in the country are caused by contaminated drinking water.  Millions of people are also infected by drinking contaminated water.  Deforestation - Water levels are declining due to drought and overuse of groundwater resources.  The water level in the tube wells has dropped.  From 1981 to 1990, it was celebrated as the "International Drinking Water Supply and Waste Disposal". 

          A symbol of industrial progress.  The human race has benefited greatly from Shia;  But factory emissions are the main cause of air pollution.  This increases the amount of carbon dioxide.  Increasing carbon dioxide increases the temperature of the atmosphere.  "It simply came to our notice then.  The damage caused by the devastating floods in Bhopal is unparalleled.  Due to the increase in the temperature of the atmosphere, the melting of the ice in the Meru region will increase the sea level and the coastal urban and coastal settlements will be submerged and severely damaged.  The warnings of scientists and environmentalists should be taken into account from now on.

        There is no geographical limit to air pollution.  It affects everyone everywhere.  Excessive vehicular traffic has created deadly pollution problems.  Fuel emissions from fuels such as coal and diesel are high in sulfur dioxide.  As a result, respiratory tract inflammation, asthma and other heart diseases can occur.  Hydrocarbons, nitrogen acids, and carbon monoxide contaminate the blood.  Blood cells are destroyed.  As a result, the liver and kidneys are destroyed.  Brain cells are also affected by air pollution.  The problem of air pollution in metropolitan areas is very acute.  Not only is there a large number of vehicles involved in the problem, but the lack of proper technology in the construction of vehicles, the use of unclean fuel, the poor maintenance of vehicles, the lack of necessary equipment is also responsible for the disruption in traffic control.  

         Fluids from industrial plants, solid waste, and waste from the public are affected by pollution and water pollution.  Pollution by polythene and plastics has caused headaches today.  Depending on the population, the construction of the building is expected to increase in temperature.  

           Overcrowding and poverty are one of the main causes of pollution.  Speaking at an environmental conference in Stockholm, Sweden in 1972, the then Prime Minister of India, the late Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi, said:  It is not possible to protect the environment until the basic needs of the people have been met.  “Nuclear proliferation is also no less responsible for environmental pollution.  Its adverse effects are causing immense harm to human society.

 Pollution Prevention: 

essay for pollution and remediation

       The world is waking up today to the dangers of environmental pollution.  Human society is struggling to cope.  "First and foremost, we have a responsibility to make sure that we keep the balance between population growth and natural resources."  The contribution of the forest to the protection of creation from the ongoing environmental degradation is incomparable.  Therefore, deforestation can help reduce the effects of greenhouse gases.  It is important to remember - "Trees are our livelihood - the soil is the wind and the water is the wind."  In addition, everyone should remember that nature is not under human control, but that man is a slave to nature, a part of nature in particular.  This feeling can be complemented by environmental protection.  Barriers to multi-storey buildings and unnecessary buildings should be imposed.  Traffic control and air pollution control are essential.  

       The use of public awareness drugs to reduce the risk of environmental pollution can be very effective.  So students from voluntary organizations, youth associations, women’s councils, schools and colleges, rural, urban, educational and religious institutions can convey the message of environmental protection. The media has an important role to play.  Meetings, seminars, forest conservation camps, and humanitarian chains can create environmental awareness in the minds of the people.  The rural masses can be influenced by written folk dances, pala, dasakathia and roadside plays on the environment.  Students' textbooks should include environmental lessons.  Foresters also have responsibilities.  


         Environmental protection has become a popular movement today.  Chippo movement in the Himalayan foothills, protests in the Bastar region of Madhya Pradesh by cutting down willow trees and planting pine trees, Jharkhand tribals in Bihar protesting against logging in the Shaguan forest, cutting down forests, protesting against the Karnataka government and the farmers' movement.  An environmentalist movement to shatter Chile has paved the way for environmental protection.  Environmental protection and pollution control will be easier with the sincere efforts of the conscious public than with the application of the law.

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