Essay about my school.My School (My Favorite School)

              Essay about my school. Here I'm writing an essay about my school.

Essay about my school. Here I'm writing an essay about my school.

        My School (My Favorite School) 


        Human resources are the best of all the resources God has in creation.  Because with the proper development of human resources, the development of all other natural resources will be possible.  Schools are one of the most important tools for the development of this human resource.  There are many types of schools in our state, such as primary school, high school and high school.  Elementary school is taught from 1st to 5th grade, 6th grade to 8th grade in high school, 8th to 10th grade in high school or 8th to 10th grade in high school.  The school I attended was a high school.  His name is Secondary Board High School.  It has classes from 6th to 10th grade.  There are more than 7,000 high schools in our state like Odisha.

  Location of my school:

     My school is located in the heart of Cuttack near Bajrakbati Road.  Its eastbound Banthakbati Road connects Ranihat Chowk to Dolamundai Chowk.  To the west is the Friends Colony, to the north is Rani Hart Gopal Sahi, and to the south is the office of the Secondary Education Committee of Odisha.  

Number of classes and students in my school 

      Lessons are taught in my school from 6th to 10th grade.  Russia has 3 writing departments in 9th grade and 4 writing departments in other classes.  About 1,000 students, including 300 students, study in eighteen sections of the school.  The syllabus is run by the Council for Secondary Education.  The upper classes teach Oriya Literature, English, Hindi, Sanskrit, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Arts, Physical Education and Work Experience.  

My School building

     My school is a three-story building.  There are 12 rooms on the ground floor of the palace.  It has a separate classroom for teachers' restrooms, libraries, the headmaster's office, the school's office building, four sections of the 10th grade, and Hindi and Sanskrit.  The first floor or first floor has a sports teacher's closet, a National Warrior Training Center and a special air-conditioned room, a science lab, a gallery for science classes, and a special room for geography.  There are also 8 writing sections in each of the 9th and 9th grades on this 2nd floor.  Similarly, on the 3rd or 2nd floor (2nd Floor) there is a 6th and 8th class (3 writing sections in each).  There is also a small hall or meeting room on this floor.  Although this is not enough for all the students of our school, it is possible to hold small meetings here.  

Establishment and management of my school : 

Essay about my school. Here I'm writing an essay about my school.

    My school Established and managed  by Board of Secondary Education on August 3, 1956.  Was established.  From that day on, the Board of Secondary Education authorities. He has been carrying out all the expenses of the school, including the expansion, the appointment of the required number of teachers.  The school has a management committee to advise the authorities.  The Board of Directors of the Secondary Education Council, the headmaster of the school, the teachers' representative and two elected parents are members of the steering committee.  The committee meets at various times of the year and members give thoughtful advice about the school to the authorities, teachers and other staff.

 Teachers and other staff of my school :

       Mr. Krishnachandra Sadangi, the headmaster of our school.  He is a masterpiece.  She has won awards at the state and national levels as a teacher.  In addition to him, there are 35 trained teachers, 13 4th graders and 2 office assistants.  Two of the teachers have been awarded by the governor as meritorious teachers.  Celebrations: Ganesh Puja, Saraswati Puja, Guru Day, Award Ceremony, Establishment Day, Independence Day, Children's Day, Jan Rajya Day, etc. are celebrated in the school.  The students of our school have been participating in various competitions held in Cuttack city and in different parts of the state to win prizes and certificates as well as enhance the prestige of the school. 

My school Garden

     We have a beautiful flower garden for our school.  Inside the garden is a statue of Mahatma Gandhi.  The garden is divided into 4 gardens.  Each field has green grass like a carpet, and there is a beautiful fence of flowers around the kiari.  These trees look very beautiful as they are cut down to a certain height.  The lining of the green grass and the seasonal flowers around it multiply the beauty of the garden.  Although one teacher is in charge of the garden, all other teachers in the school contribute to the overall improvement of the garden.  Students regularly work in the garden under the supervision of a teacher on time.  Thanks to everyone's efforts, the park has become very attractive.

My school Library

      My school has a library.  It has about 10,000 books.  A teacher is in charge of managing it.  There is a special schedule for daily activities for the library.  She takes books to the library and gives books to children.  A week later, he brings the books back from the children and reads them.  In addition, study-minded and interested students take other textbooks from the library to study.  Teachers take class textbooks and other supporting books from the library.  Some teachers and students stay in the library after school and read various books and newspapers and magazines coming to the school.  As our library is a well-run library, it has been instrumental in enhancing the knowledge of teachers and students.

Sports Zone of my school:

My school has a small playground.  Mass trilogies are held here on Saturday.  Students practice sports on the field.  Enthusiastic students practice sports after school work and other holidays under the supervision of sports teachers.  Students have been participating in various sports competitions held in the city and in the state.  

 Magazine of my school

      My school Magazine ‘Kisalaya’ is published almost every year.  In addition, handwritten and printed journals from the class are published at different times of the year because of the dedication and inspiration of the class teachers.  

Hostel building of my school

     My school has no permanent hostel building.  So the inmates are studying in the nearby Ramakrishna hut.  

Clothing or uniform of my school:       School students wear certain clothing.  Boys wear dark blue pants and white shorts, and girls wear sky blue frocks.  All clothing is carpeted.  School Badges are used by students.  This shows the students' passion for school.  Each student in the school pays seven to fifty rupees a month.  Breakfast is served at noon.  Breakfast is a very important meal - it can either make or break your day. 

Examination and Results

      My school's test results are very satisfactory.  Hundreds of students achieved in first grade every year.  The pass rate in high school certificate exams is about 100% every year.  The number of students passing in the first grade is increasing day by day and the number of students passing in the second class is decreasing.  Teachers at our school take part in regular classes as well as take extra classes after the holidays and on other holidays.  Teachers and students have the highest test scores per day.  Almost every year, the students of the school gain a place in the top ten by enhancing the school's prestige.Three-handed sportsmanship. 


      My school is not as old as other schools.  So it has no prosperous tradition.  Thanks to the efforts of students and teachers and the active cooperation of parents, the school is gradually improving and creating a vibrant tradition.  I am proud of my school.  If every student of the school feels so proud and acts with dedication, the school can become an ideal school across the state. 

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