Brukhya ropana essay in odia

Brukhya ropan odia essay

Tree planting (afforestation / forest conservation, forest protection): The forest was the abode of indigenous people.  She had a close relationship with the forest tree.  The tree was the mainstay of her life.  So man has an innate affection for the forest.  The forest is still exciting in our minds;  But in keeping with the evolution of civilization, we have been selfishly destroying the fertile forest of civilized culture.  Crowding has come to the forefront of the forests.

Odia essay brukhya ropan
Odia essay brukhya ropan
Odia essay brukhya ropan
Odia essay brukhya ropan

The effects of deforestation are far-reaching.  After listening to the alarm bells of the destruction of civilization and life rallies, human beings have decided to plant trees for forest conservation and renewal of devastated forests.  The creation of new forests where there is no forest is afforestation.  To make this a success, in the first week of July each year, the nationwide community participates in tree planting programs.  In our country it is called Banamotsava.  The reason for deforestation is: "Trees are life, trees are gods" - as long as man understood this theory of creation, the forest was indestructible and beneficial.  From the day the tree fell short of love, humans have unwittingly become involved in deforestation.  The thought of 'the tree is the friend' has gradually disappeared from his mind.  Due to population growth, there is a need to improve human shelter and agriculture.  Thirteen percent of the world's cattle are in our country.  And the number of these is increasing day by day.  There is a lot of pressure on the forest for pastures.  People are cutting down forests in the wake of the tragic situation.  Multi-purpose embankment planning, hydroelectric power generation, irrigation canal excavation, resettlement of displaced persons, landless farmers, land for the homeless Supply construction, etc., is one of the reasons for water shortages.  Forest degradation is being caused by shale and educational competition.  Tora carpenters are also a cause of deforestation.  Unscrupulous forest contractors subdue corrupt forest workers and cut down forests in greed for financial gain.  Rural poverty is one of the main causes of forest belly.  Due to some financial difficulties, they steal firewood from the forest to make up for the lack of fuel.  Recently, firewood has become scarce in rural and urban areas.  The poor in the village collect and sell fuel from the forest in the hope of earning two pennies.  Wildlife, especially tigers, bears, and other wild animals, protect the forest.  Due to the forest, their numbers declined and they disappeared from many forests.  The road was cleared for timber theft and deforestation.  In some parts of the country, indigenous peoples are suffering from forest fires.  Forests are being destroyed due to roads, railways, mining and city construction.  The consequences of deforestation: deforestation is a reckless act.  Its disadvantages are unimaginable.  "With the help of artificial satellites, the cameras are taking photos, and experts say that we are cutting down 1.3 million hectares of forest every year."  And if it continues for too long, there is a risk that environmental imbalances will escalate.  As a result, climate change is accompanied by irregular rains, floods, droughts and famines.  Deforestation is caused by deforestation.  Many parts of the world have been turned into deserts by forest.  In Rajasthan, the Indus, Balochistan, Iran, Iraq, the Arab world, Syria, Palestine, Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco, the present-day desert areas are the result of deforestation.  Therefore, it is justified.  That is, the desert is created in the forest area after the development of civilization, while maintaining the sustainability of the forest and the dissolution of civilization.  There is a shortage of firewood for firewood and housekeeping.  Wildlife is devastated by the lack of food and shelter, as well as the destruction of crops and livelihoods.  This is an example of elephant poaching.  Deforestation has led to a severe shortage of forest products.  Life-saving drugs are effective.  Without trees, environmental pollution is faster.

Odia essay brukhya ropan

Need for afforestation: Forests, there is a need for forests to balance the environment.  Forests play an important role in regulating the temperature of the earth through the Earth's crust as a way to sustain life.  Therefore, tree planting should be given priority in restoring the forest and creating new forests.  Regular growth is possible because of the trees.  Helps control winds along the beach.  The forest of agriculture.  It provides fertile soil for agriculture, favorable climates, and adequate amounts of water and fertilizer forests.  Forests play an important role in protecting the quality of life.  Due to the presence of Bengali trees, the fertile soil that covers the surface cannot be blown away by the wind or the rainwater cannot flow at high speeds through the soil.  The environment is protected by trees.  Pure air is available to sustain life.  Carbon dioxide maintains balance in the atmosphere.  Tree planting or afforestation: The contribution of the forest god.  In the first week of July each year, the Forest Festival Week is celebrated in our country to address the problems caused by natural forests.  This is the day to plant new trees.  So the saplings prepared by the forest department are being attracted to the tree planting by providing them to the public free of cost or at their own cost.  Steps are being taken to create new forests to compensate for deforestation at the government level.  Deforestation has made it possible to create artificial forests.  These afforestation schemes include coastal afforestation, reforestation, Ujuda forest restoration, afforestation, social afforestation, afforestation afforestation, commercial afforestation, compensation afforestation, and urban afforestation.  Due to the lack of care after planting, the fattening cows feed on cows and goats.  Or dies dry.  Millions of dollars are wasted.  This needs to be taken care of.  Corruption should not be tolerated in the name of sapling and tree planting.  Forest protection: A national policy for the protection and management of forests has been implemented in our country since the 16th.  Forest management;  Emphasis was placed on maintenance and meeting the needs of the public.

Odia essay brukhya ropan

"After independence, the policy has been changed and it is in the public interest."  The National Forest Policy has been in force in the country since 1952.  In 1801, the Government of India enacted the Forest Protection Act to protect forests.  In the 19th century, the Government of India introduced a national forest policy to provide special assistance to forest protection.  The protection of the forest has been made impossible without the cooperation of the local people.  So the effort for public awareness continues.  The forest is being managed by forest officials, and a joint forest management system is in place for the Ujuda forest.  Public awareness is a must in forest protection.  Every year on March 21, World Day is celebrated.  Conclusion: Forests are our national resource.  "It simply came to our notice then.  As a friend, the forest is doing a lot of good for human society.  So the forest should not be misused for commercial purposes.  Remember - the tree is life.  In order to save lives, each person should plant two or three trees.

Odia essay brukhya ropan

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