My Hobby gardening

My Hobby gardening
         My Hobby

 What a hobby is

      Hobby is something that one does not do as a routine but when one gets free time or is not working. It is one's liking which is not bound to be done. It is something like one's passion.
Common hobbies
      Different people have different hobbies. Some common hobbies are fishing, roaming near the river bank or sea beach, stamp collecting, gardening reading etc. Hobbies give us pleasure and knowledge.  Mind remains free from worries and cares and boredom.
My hobby
      Gardening is my hobby. I possess a natural interest towards gardening. I like trees and plants. They have an attraction for me. Flowers enthrall me. God has never expressed The wonders of his creation everywhere else  other than plants and trees which show the bounties of nature. Trees help us to live providing us with food, shelter, clothes and medicines. They keep our environment clean. Without trees the world will become a desert and life will cease to exist.
        I have made a garden in front of our house. In the small garden I have planted different kinds of flowers plants. I have also planted fruit trees like coconut and mango plants all around the garden. They keep our house cool. Besides these fruit trees, I cultivated small patches of brinjal, tomato, Spanish etc there.
        I spend my afternoons in my garden. Regularly I weed out it and water the trees regularly. I apply manure and pesticides when  required. I derive a great deal of pleasure while I walk through the rows of trees. The colour and fragrance of flowers provide me with divine Joy.  It is a Paradise for me. The joy of sowing seeds and watching plants growing is known only to those who have experienced it in life.
       Gardening is my past time. While in my garden I remain so engrossed with the plants that I forget all worldly worries and anxieties. A divine peace descends  on me. I come out from the garden with a fresh body and light heart.

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